Smart Dog Collar

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Most of the nation’s dogs are overweight, and a majority of their owners are blind to this issue. According to the latest research of Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, Veterinarians assessed more than half of the dogs are overweight or obese. However, their owners do not aware their dogs are overweight. Dogs are less healthy, as the problem of overweight is often associated with chronic health problems like hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. However, dogs do not tell owners directly when they are suffering from common canine problems even tent to hide by nature. It may delay the treatment of the dog.

There is a need to provide a complete and holistic monitor for dogs. Smart dog collar which consists of many sensor elements which used to measures the vital signs of the dogs and synchronizes that data wirelessly with a Smartphone is a wearable technology for dogs. It provides a real insight into their activities and overall wellness also helps pet parent take better control of the dog’s weight and health proactively.

Literature Review

Historically, a collar normally used for control, identification and fashion. When wearable technology continues to be one of the trends in the technology world, location and medical monitor are often placed on dog collars.

GPS collar allows owners to track their pet’s location and activity from mobile device. It measures the exercise and activity level of the dog is achieving each day. However, it neglected some

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