Smokejumper Book Report

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Smokejumper Choosing what career you want to go into after high school is a very important decision in your life. You base it off of what your parents and family have done or what your favorite subjects are. It can all be very overwhelming. Exploring all your possibilities is the best thing to do. I chose the book Smokejumper because it is about the life of an airborne fire fighter named Jason Ramos, and I have always had an interest in becoming a firefighter. A firefighter can be a very tough job so reading this book has really helped me in deciding if I would ever want to choose this type of career path. In this book it talks about life threatening risks, the rewarding benefits, and a brief history of how airborne firefighters came to be.…show more content…
The most extensive benefits keeping a healthy life style. When it comes to being an airborne firefighter you really need to be in phenomenal shape in order to perform your duties. “Being in good shape is very beneficial when it comes to this job and the healthier you are the longer you can live,” Jason says this when talking about the training during his first year with his smoke jumping association (78). Another large benefit to this career choice is making new friends. When Jason moved into to his home within the association he had to learn and train with 3 other firefighters. With them constantly being together and experiencing all these difficulties together has made them become a team or even better, a family. Jason and his new brothers have been together from the beginning and never looked back (111). Reading this in the book really inspired me because I have always wanted a brother. If becoming that close with your team really makes that much of an impact on your life then that might be something I would like to experience in my job later on in my life. Smoke jumping may have a deep impact on people’s lives but it has also made an impact in
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