Smoking And Tobacco Abuse

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Smoking and tobacco abuse is a global epidemic. There are numerous, diverse reasons why people smoke, though at the end of the day they all have the same problem: they are smokers. Smoke influences people the same way, no matter their reason for the use, though the reason why they smoke influences their decisions to stop. There are many different health models that explain how people can change their habits, such as the health behaviour model and the transtheoretical model of health. They impact of the type of anti-smoking messages differ depending on age, socioeconomic status, and geographical location, and this information is used in order to determine how effective the advertisement will be in achieving the goal: helping people quit smoking.
Smoking can be considered in many different lights, one of those are in the light of the Health Belief Model (Milyavskaya 2017). This theory of behaviour can be used to explain the reason people do things, even if they know it to be unhealthy. In respect to the health ad in question, using fear, they can ensure that the population understands that everyone is susceptible, it is a serious health concern, the benefits of quitting, and giving them a call to action. These ideas able to give them more reason to overcome the barriers than to continue smoking. To explain, the ad itself is a cigarette carton, and on that carton, it says 1-800 Leave a Gaping Hole in Your Family’s Heart or QUIT-NOW. The message is simple, as the given channel

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