Snack Tools In The Classroom Essay

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In this week’s snack tools, we looked at several applications that can be used to integrate technology into your lessons to maximize student’s achievement. Some of these snack tools included Photosnack, Podsnack, Flipsnack, slidesnack, notifysnack, and educade. There are many different online tools that are available to help teachers deliver effective instruction and assessment to maximize student achievement in the classroom.
The first of the snack tools that was introduced in this lesson is Photosnack. This is used to create a slideshow presentation using your pictures. Some of the uses for the classroom could be to create a slide showcase of the positive activities that are taking place in your classroom. It can showcase students …show more content…

This tool was easy to use to download YouTube videos and music. The steps were so easy to use. I would highly recommend this website tool as well. It is user-friendly and a great asset that can be added to almost any lesson.
Another snack tool introduced in this lesson was Flipsnack. This tool is used to transform word documents and PDF files into flipbooks. A create feature is that it has a special section just for education. Some of the features of this tool include: improving student engagement, helping with differentiated learning to meet the needs of all students, and helps connect teachers with students on a regular basis. This website tool was easy to sign up for the teacher and to add the students and classes in. It gives user-friendly steps to follow with any of the categories you choose. This would be a great asset for making up work. It allows students to review the concepts covered in a lesson. Teachers can take their power points and notes convert them to PDF and upload them to a flip notebook (Flipbook, n.d.). This is also great for the flipped classroom teachers. This is even for students to learn and use for a short presentation. You can upload video and podcast as well. This may take a little more time than the first two snack tools, but it meant to be simple and quick to use. Again, I would highly

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