Snaddon: Hazardous Fungus In The Rainforest

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A fungi named Marasmius has gone underappreciated. It has been swept away and torn from its environment for years. It has even been viewed as a nuisance. This fungus half the time wasn’t even noticed. On our behalf, it is hard to see because the growths of it are so small. It does not usually produce any mushrooms, but on the off chance it does fruit, they are small and non descriptive. That was the case, before a researcher Snaddon saw it for the beneficial element it is. This fungus grows in fine threads creating almost a net like structure between the plants in the rainforest. These threads are sticky and collect the falling leaves. Instead of all the rainforest litter ending up on the forest floor, it now gets caught in the mezzanine layer. These fungi create suspending universes for the insects in the rainforest. Any species that was once confined to the ground can now live in these suspended environments.
Snaddon discovered the true importance of this fungus on a whim. He was studying the ferns, bromeliads, and other epiphytes in the rain forest. He was studying the same concept of leaves getting caught by other epiphytes, but
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In one suspended litter trap, Snaddon found 340 species. This included all sorts of insects and anthropods. To test the importance, he removed the fungi. When that occurred, there was a total decline in 70% of species. That is a huge amount and dramatically effects the biodiversity of the rainforest. Especially because scientists know that 60% of all anthropods live solely on the forest floor, this is the only spot they can survive. Snaddon is now so impressed by these fungi that he wishes to continue his research. He has outlined his next step as trying to discover any intimate partnerships between the fungi and the antropods residing in them. Maybe there is a symbiotic relationship between the two. He also wishes to delve into the hypothesis that this fungus is lessening the effects of
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