Snapchat's Negative Influence On Communication

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When something goes away in less than 10 seconds it becomes more valuable. The viewer only gets a short span to view it and therefore will focus more attention on it. This is the idea that is demonstrated by Snapchat. Users can send photos or video clips but they must be under 10 seconds. After the recipient has viewed the snap, the snap is deleted. Many users praise the efficiency of the app and the effortless communication style it brings. Snapchat was started in 2012 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. The trio attended Stanford University together, and they launched Snapchat after their previous application, Future Freshmen, had failed. They were inspired to create an app with expiring data so that users would not have as many consequences from what they sent…show more content…
He believes it has caused social skills to decline in the younger generation. “I think people are less inclined to embrace awkward conversations with random people and they really miss out on a lot because of that,” Randel said. He sees this lost ability as an epidemic in this generation which is fueled by the use of social media like Snapchat. Randel says that because users typically just Snapchat things that are exciting or interesting so they will forget the blandness of life. Many times people go through life and only remember the exciting things, says Randel, which takes away from the human touch in life. John Park, freshman at John Brown University, agrees with Randel about Snapchat creating single emotion environment. Park says because people on Snap happy or funny things, the application doesn’t create the same emotions as a face-to-face conversation or phone call. “You get just one emotion out of it, jokes, happiness, and fun. You never see someone send you a snapchat saying my cat died. On the emotional level it is totally different than a phone call or face-to-face conversation,” said
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