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Contents Synopsis 2 Main Case 6 Snapshot of main scenario 6 Company Profile 6 Technology behind 7 Business Model 8 SWOT Analysis 10 Strengths: 10 Weaknesses: 10 Opportunities: 10 Threats: 10 Regulatory Framework 10 Porter Five Competitive Forces Analysis 11 a) Bargaining power of buyers 11 b) Bargaining power of suppliers 11 c) Threat of new entrants 11 d) Threat of substitutes 11 e) Intensity of Competition 11 Competitor Analysis 11 12 12 12 Main case central issue 12 References 14 TEACHING NOTE 15 Synopsis Subject Area (Confirm ticket) is a travel website which predicts the chances of a railway ticket getting confirmed. It uses a set of algorithm and past data to calculate the results. It is slowly growing in popularity evident from the fact that it has received till date over 10 million queries on seat availability and over 750,000 queries on ticket confirmation. It has received significant coverage from media channels like Aaj Tak, RailNews etc. The company also has over 10,000 followers on Facebook reflects the healthy growth that the company is registering among the youth of the nation. The company of late wants to find sources of revenue generation. The various sources available include advertisement on its website, collaboration with various travel agencies offering tour packages (individual and institutional) and partnership deals with hotel and motels. The case dwells into the revenue
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