Snow Slatel's Machine Research Paper

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Are you tired of shoveling out the driveway? Are you tired of being late to work? Are your kids tired of being late to school? Are you tired of spending loads of money on ice melting salt that doesn’t even work that good. Well, no more because there’s the Snow Melter Machine. The Snow Melter Machine guarantees a walk to your car without slipping and falling. No more hurting your back or pulling a muscle shoveling out the driveway, no more being late to work, and no more kids being late to school. The Snow Melter Machine gets rid of snow and ice in a jiffy. No more taking an hour to shovel out the driveway, no more slipping and falling on the ice. The Snow Melter machine will surely get rid of all your days of shoveling out the driveway.…show more content…
All you have to do is set your Snow Melter Machine outside, press the switch and in five minutes your driveway will be cleared. It doesn’t require batteries, just plug it up to a charger and you’re good to go. The Snow Melter Machine is programmed to go anywhere with ice or snow to guarantee a nice and safe walk down your driveway. You don’t need to worry about a high electric bill from charging your Snow Melter Machine, it only takes an hour to charge completely, and stays charged for twenty four hours. It will only add a dollar or two to your bill every month. When I showed this invention to Autumn she said, “Sure, I’d love to buy a Snow Melter Machine.” I wasn’t surprised by her response, I knew she couldn’t say, “No.” Why not buy the Snow Melter Machine? It will get rid of all of the snow and ice in your driveway without you having to do all the work. Order Now and get a second Snow Melter Machine absolutely FREE. The best part about the Snow Melter Machine, it only costs $19.99 plus tax. Don’t hesitate to order now because if you order in the next twenty four hours, we’ll pay for processing and handling. Call the toll free number now or make your order online. I guarantee you will love the Snow Melter Machine, or you will be fully refunded and receive the amount it costs for processing and
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