Soccer Vs Baseball Essay

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By Toshiki Noguchi

Which is more popular in Japan, Soccer or Baseball?

When the Japan Soccer League (the J League) started, there were few who foresaw that soccer would become more popular than baseball. In fact, 38 percent of TV viewers watched the soccer game Japan vs. Korea of the 1994 World Cup, while 23 percent watched the Japan series of professional baseball, according to the Daily Mainichi. In this essay, I would like to analyze three ways that soccer has become more popular than baseball.

First, as for the scope of the fans, Japan national football team(サッカー日本代表) has the highest number of fans while the number of fans of Japanese professional baseball is decreasing. The number of fans per sports is shown Chart I. In addition, the number of children playing soccer is going up, while that of children playing baseball is going down as shown Chart II. As shown in this Chart, soccer is the most favorite sport among the Japanese children. This is because that they are always looking for something new while they cannot tolerate a kind of military atmosphere where they are required to act on hierarchical relationship between senior and junior students. Their fathers have also become interested in soccer, losing their interest in baseball. They have become tired of baseball thinking that the style of …show more content…

For example, the J league teams need strong support from the local community, because each team is required to have its own soccer stadium. Some local governments have built stadiums, because they believe that it would give dream of sports to the people in the community. As such, the league teams are paying respect to the opinion of the community, and the people in the community are fully supporting the teams believing that the teams belong to them. On the contrary, the opinion of the people in the community is not reflected in the management of professional

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