Social And Biological Aspects Of Depression

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Abstract Is a healthy mind the result of a healthy body? Careful analysis of available literature certainly agrees that it can be, however it is often unclear why. This report examines some of the extensive literature available on this topic and considers factors such as medication, social and biological aspects of depression as well the role that exercise can play in complimenting traditional therapies to promote positive management of a frequently negative disease. Depression is a complex illness which affects different people in different ways. The factors influencing the severity of a person’s depression highlight that this condition is more than just an imbalance of chemicals within the brain. This also shows that individuals are…show more content…
In its mildest form it can often just be a feeling of low spirits. People are often able to carry on with daily tasks and life, but those daily tasks seeming harder to achieve meaning leading a normal life can often require more effort and input than usual. Major depression however can often stop people from functioning in daily life and can even become life threating if an individual feels life is no longer worth living (Mind, 2015b). The main treatment at present for long term depression sufferers is drug therapy aimed to readdress chemical imbalances within the brain, counselling and talking therapies or combination therapy where antidepressant drugs are used alongside talking therapies (NHS, 2015). Although depression is increasing worldwide, it is becoming harder for individuals to access the treatments they require and funding is becoming an issue. As such, new approaches for the treatment of depression and also for the management of depression should be researched. Approaches that are more accessible to the majority would remove the burden on resources so they can be directed where they are really needed yet at the same time remove the strain of funding. The aim of this research project is to consider if a healthy mind is the result of a healthy body and if exercise can be effective in the remission of major depression or in the management of long term depression. Research looks promising in
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