Social And Economical Factors On Youth Essay

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I have chosen to research into the social and economical factors that may influence a youth’s likelihood to engage in delinquency as I believe that understanding the factors underpinning youth offending may help to reduce youth crime levels, as preventive measures can be aimed at the distinct root causes recognised. I have chosen to particularly look at the link between the social factor of education in terms of low school attainment and the wider effect on the economy through looking at youth unemployment and offending. I believe these social and economical factors are inextricably linked therefore I hypothesise that low school attainment leads to increases in youth crime levels due to youths not acquiring the necessary skills to allow a successful entrance to the labour market.


In carrying out this literature review I have engaged in secondary research in order to provide me with significant qualitative and quantitative data on this given topic. I collected a range of sources through library searches where I aimed to research previous studies through the use of the internet to access online resources, books and journals. Upon doing so I found a few books that encompassed the social and economical factors I specifically chose to review although I found many websites that had information on the social & economical factors that may affect delinquency.


Education & Low school attainment:

All sources reviewed agreed that there is a correlation

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