Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social anxiety disorder also known as social phobia has been one of the many disorders that have affected many people throughout society. Social anxiety disorder is the third largest psychological problem most people suffer with today. Throughout the years, researchers have shown how social anxiety disorder has affected over 7-8% of the population over time. Individuals who suffer from social anxiety have an intense fear of being involved in a social interaction among people. The individual can either experience fear or anxiety of being judged by other individuals. This leads people with this disorder to automatically feel self-conscious, judged or depressed. The person will then start to worry that all eyes are on him or her all the times. For example, if you have a person who is anxious in a social interaction and appear fine when they are alone, then one can conclude that “social anxiety” is the problem.
Each day millions of people throughout the world suffer from social anxiety disorder. This case has become a common problem for psychologists to work with. Surprisingly, social anxiety is more likely to occur in twice as many women as men, but a higher number of men seek help for social anxiety. The disorder usually begins in early adolescence and usually does not develop after the age of 25. People who do not suffer from this disorder see people with social anxiety as shy, unfriendly, quiet and withdrawn. The causes for someone with this disorder are not really known
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