Social Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy is often cited as the cause of a number of social problems in the United States. The majority of teen births are unintended and unplanned. Teen pregnancy comes with an increased risk for medical complications as well as social consequences. Some of the many social outcomes that comes with teen pregnancy include having lower educational achievement, lower salaries and being more likely to live in poverty. Parenthood is one of the leading reasons for why adolescents drop out of school. The cause of teen pregnancy is led by many factors. Some of the many factors that are found to be lead to teen pregnancy include lack of knowledge, poor parenting and child maltreatment. In order to prevent teen pregnancy, teens need to receive the proper care from parents, as well as being provided with a comprehensive sex education. From preventing teen pregnancy, our communities can improve social problems that live within the communities.

In the United States, teenage pregnancy is examined and viewed as a socially constructed problem. Through the years, the rates of teen pregnancy have slowly been declining, but the U.S. rate in teen pregnancy is still one of the highest in the developed world. Every year, more than one million teenagers between the ages of 15-19 become pregnant (Monahan 2002). Teens in poor, uneducated and rural communities are found to be at a higher risk of teen pregnancy. More than one-third of sexually active

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