Social Change In Diffusion Of Innovations By Everett Rogers

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Diffusion of Innovations seeks to explain how innovations and social changes are taken up in a segmented group of people. An innovation is considered as either an idea, behavior, or object that is perceived as new by the receiving audience. According to author Everett Rogers, Diffusion of Innovations offers three valuable insights into the process of social change which include: what qualities make certain innovations spread rapidly than others, the value of peer-peer conversations and peer networks during social changes, and assessing and understanding the needs of different individuals in a specific population. In the book, Diffusion of Innovations, the focus is not on the people who change, but the innovations themselves. The clip I chose to analyze for this assignment is a short, less than three minute video, regarding the truth about privilege and…show more content…
He kept making points that society has already progressed enough to make things equal between different people, and referring that a huge “call for diversity” already exists. The male actor in the commercial is using “relative advantage” to refrain from making and choices or actions about equality and privilege. From his perspective, he sees things as being pretty equally, so the idea to initiate innovation and change around equality does not seem better than the current status quo. He is using his own particular perception to showcase that action steps to achieve greater equality for everyone is incompatible with his current values, norms and practices. From our text, Diffusion of Innovations, new ideas that are “simpler to understand are adopted more rapidly than innovations that require the adopter to develop new skills and understandings.” Equality is a difficult, and often at times, at taboo subject to address, so that leads people, like our make counterpart in the clip, to refrain from making and acknowledging any
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