Social Class Reflection Paper

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Before this class I always viewed sport as a sanctuary for everyone regardless of their race, social class, and gender as something they can do together. That once everyone was on the field or at the game, we were all the same. I believed that it was an activity that did not have a political influence and it was purely for entertainment. While I still believe some of that is true, this class has challenged my view point by forcing me to view sports through a different lens. As students, we tend to look at everyday activities through our personal experiences and assume that everyone else around us is experiencing them the same way. We tend to overlook the truth because we are uncomfortable admitting that things such as discrimination, and sexism still happen in today’s world.
More specifically, I was challenged to look at my life experiences in three different categories. These categories include the effect of neoliberalism on today’s society, my social class, and my race. Through these three categories, I was able to pull out the differences between my own life and the lives of others. By viewing the same experience through another person’s eyes, I noticed the extreme differences that they are going through because of the influence from society.
In the following paper, I will mention how the effect of neoliberalism has influenced the way myself and others view and experience a sporting experience, how my social class standing has structured what sports I had access to and

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