Taking a Look at Social Engineering

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Social engineering is a method of hacking in which attackers utilize personal or not-so-personal information to impersonate the rightful owner of an account. They call up the company in question and engineer a ‘reset’ of the account permissions that allow them to take over. The idea is to trick a company's employee into revealing passwords or critical information that may be used to compromise security. Phishing is a criminal activity using different variations of social engineering techniques. ‘Phishers’ attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information ( passwords, credit card info) by posing as a trustworthy person or business in an electronic communication. Phishing is typically carried out using email or an IM (instant message) although phone contact has known to also have been used . The damage caused by phishing ranges from loss of access to email and to substantial financial loss. This style of identity theft is becoming more popular, because of the ease with which unsuspecting people often divulge personal information to phishers (credit card numbers, social security numbers, and mothers' maiden names). Once this information is acquired, the phishers may use a person's details to create fake accounts in a victim's name and ruin a victim's credit, or even prevent victims from accessing their own accounts. Case #1: ‘GoDaddy’, one of the companies involved in the social engineering case. The company admits that one of its employees was ‘socially engineered’
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