Social Injustices In World War II

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The United States has been involved in many conflicts, but the World Wars are two of the major conflicts, which many people lost their lives. World War II, being the more recent war, is the war that the United States should have entered earlier than they have. The World Wars are two of the most violent wars we have had in the world, but World War II, was by far, the more hurtful war out of the two. World War II has violated many human rights, and has produced many social injustices to the people who have suffered during this war. Millions of people could have been saved from the Nazi’s lust for purity if the United States would have entered the war earlier than they have. Social injustices happen all over the world in many different ways,…show more content…
Hitler and the Nazis implemented the “Final Solution” starting in 1940 and went all the way through to the end of the war in 1945 (“The Holocaust”). Millions of people’s lives were lost in the one year that the “Final Solution” commenced. Furthermore, the camps were not liberated until Soviet troops marched through German occupied Poland; giving the Nazis time to evacuate the camps (“Auschwitz). France and Britain have been allies with the United States since World War I; both countries declared war before the “Final Solution” was undergoing its terrible impact on the world. The United States could have saved millions of lives by joining in with our allies and could have possibly reduced the number of people murdered by the “Final Solution” and Hitler's desire for purity. Second, back in the United States, word has gotten around about the Holocaust, and the millions of people who were dying under Nazi influence. During the war, the United States were not focused on saving the people, but on winning the war. During very late 1941-1945 the United States should have shifted half of their focus from winning the war to helping the people in the camps (“The Holocaust”). Lastly, with the news spreading of the Holocaust to the United States many people did not believe that the “Final Solution” was undergoing. This is partly due to the United States not announcing to the public that this mass murder was happening in Europe. For the people who did hear about the “Final Solution”, they simply did not believe that such barbaric actions by the Nazis was happening. The United States should have publicized this information to the people, so the people knew what was going on in Europe at this time, and so they could do everything they could to end the “Final Solution” (“The
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