Social Inquiry And Social Transformation

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powerment of blacks. Simply stated, there is a correlation between social inquiry and social transformation. The purpose of black discourse is more than the renaissance of identity and self-esteem; it is to use history and culture as tools through which people analyze their collective experiences, but for the aim of reconstructing their current living conditions and everything in the society around them. Critical Review of Scholarship: I will be referring to a handful of documents to aid in my discussion of the development of black studies. Firstly, the document What Black Studies is Not by Dr. Carr really dives in to the true purpose of black studies, and as the name suggests, clarifies misconceptions about what black studies is often assumed to be. Moreover, the article on Dr. Nathan Hare is crucial because he is seen as the Father of Black Studies, and he was actually fired from his position in the name of lobbying for black studies programs to be properly enforced in colleges. I also utilized the Introduction and Development of Black Studies which was generally about the entire process to impose black studies programs in universities. Discussion: Although there was a common acceptance of the general social purpose of intellectual work, this did not mean that black scholarship must be some type of compressed promotion with no true level of factual information. Black scholars did in fact place great detail on their procedures and created meticulous approaches to the
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