Social Interaction In Human Society

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Social interaction is what make up our human society. Through interaction, we socialize with our family, friends, people in the community to strengthen our relationship with each other. Through socialization, human society is established and become the foundation for everything inside the society. Our society is more complex than any society found in nature, but it’s not perfect nor ideal for every member inside the society. Thus, the thought of an ideal society as well as how to achieve that society is very fascinating among sociologists, whose role is to solve social problems and develop this theory. Human society is composed of multiple factors: individuals who work together in the same environment and contribute to the society; cultures which were passed down by previous generations and become the foundation for the future in spirituals, values, beliefs and norms; materials that people consume or use to develop society and improve their live (agriculture, infrastructure…); social organizations and institutions which regulate the behavior of people like laws, religions, government, religions…to help guide them down the path accepted by the majority. All these components work together to maintain order, and thrive human society forward, eventually lead to an ideal society where every individual can have their need fulfills, and most of the social problems solved. As human society advance forward, so will the structure of the society. There have been many type of societies

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