Social Issues In Northanger Abbey, By Jane Austen

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Northanger Abbey is a classic written by Jane Austen. The novel is celebrated as a literary masterpiece that deals with the English social class system, along with the social rules and it shows the results of choices made by the characters. The story follows Catherine Morland, a girl who is heavily influenced by books, but is also very naïve to the outside world. Catherine lives in the modest town of Fullerton, and her life there has been mostly very protected and sheltered from lifestyles and habits of people outside of Fullerton. The Morlands are friends with another family named the Allen’s. They are wealthy members of society, and they extend an invitation to take Catherine with them to Bath, which is a wealthy area for families that meet that clientele. Because her life in Fullerton has been so sheltered and moderate, her experience in Bath is a whole new world and it excites and scares her alike. While in Bath, Catherine is introduced to a young man by the name of Henry Tilney, a…show more content…
The varying hierarchies between Catherine and Isabella and between Catherine and Henry are interesting for one to read through. The effects the social classes had on Isabella were arguably greater than any other major character in the story. She was attracted to the drama, gossip, and vigor of that lifestyle. Isabella thrived on knowing the “important” information about people in the society, and she was well-learned on other people’s personal lives. The idea of having a rich and popular and important husband caught her attention more than marrying for love did. She was engaged to James for love, but once a better offer came along in the form of Captain Frederick Tilney, she had a change of heart. Suddenly, she was content with leaving behind her fiancé of humble beginnings and earning for someone for susceptible to adventure, danger, and or course,
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