Social Learning Theory, Feminist Theory And Patriarch Theory

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Social Learning Theory, Feminist Theory and Patriarch Theory Observing and learning behaviors are key components of Social Learning Theory (Hanna, Crittenden & Crittenden, 2013). The theory focuses on how individuals learn social context from their environment and apply it to their life. An individual’s environment provides the opportunity for observational learning, imitation, and modeling that helps him or her adapt to and control different aspects of his or her life. Thus, shaping a person’s behavior in a healthy or unhealthy way. Environments and behaviors in which people most frequently observe become the most thoroughly learned (Hanna, Crittenden & Crittenden, 2013). Gender inequality continues to be a pervasive problem in …show more content…

Social Learning Theory behavior is resonated in both Feminist Theory and Patriarchal Theory because it focuses on how societal behaviors have created an environment of inequality (Hanna, Crittenden & Crittenden, 2013). Understanding that Social Learning Theory is a major component of both Feminist Theory and Patriarchal Theory there is also a correlation of both theories the eradication of inequality towards men (Hanna, Crittenden & Crittenden, 2013). Feminist Theory does not attempt to understand male domination in a patriarchal sense, but rather empower women to overcome the behaviors of male domination. Patriarchal Theory breaks down the significant of male domination and how it has shaped our society which provides an opportunity to change patriarchal ideations (Turner & Maschi, 2015). Understanding how the perception of men and women collectively shape behaviors towards dominance in society (Hunnicutt, 2009). Women that buy in to the ideation of patriarchy often feel less than and that they should be treated as property rather than human beings. Feminist Theory can help a woman overcome the feeling of being less than by empowering to embrace their femininity. Further both Feminist Theory and Patriarchal Theory both promote the domination of both genders. Although Feminist Theory focuses on equality many forms of the theory have an

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