Social Medi An Emotional And Legal Commitment Of Two People

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Marriage is an emotional and legal commitment of two people. However, Social media comes in many forms, such as Facebook, Tinder, Myspace,, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media is either a website or application that enables users to create and share content in order to participate in social networking. Some individuals find themselves using social media to find people with similar interests in order to find a relationship. Social media has made it easier for people from across the street to across the world to communicate. Social media has created profound effects between partners in marriages that lead to irreconcilable differences and eventually lead to divorce. According to Jim Halfens (2015), “’People who use social media…show more content…
With more intimacy between individuals, there breeds conflict. Conflict may be a small disagreement and can escalate into dangerous abusive situations. There are various communication styles that may cause tension or feeling bored within a relationship. Avoidance is a tendency to avoid issues and inability to express their feelings that oppose their partner’s that may cause a disagreement. Comparing avoidance, partner dominance is when an individual tries to be controlling or the dominant one of the relationship. In the middle of avoidance and dominance lies assertiveness, which is the ability to express one’s feelings and desires to their partner without being overpowering. Physical and emotional conditions are a contributing factors in a relationship. Some people may find themselves in a sexual rut in which they may find themselves with a low sexual desire, a physical dysfunction, or sexual dysfunction. These may include emotions such as anxiety, and anguish. The individual may also experience physical conditions such as arthritis, fatigue, and headaches that make it more difficult for them to perform sexual activities. Psychological causes such as depression and long-term stress also play a factor in sexual relationships. Cultural, religious, and relationship pressures put a strain on each
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