Social Media And Its Effects On Its Users

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The use of social media is widespread. The idea of one not having social media is absurd to the minds of many. The author of “The 7-Day Digital Diet”, Teddy Wayne, put this idea to the test. Wayne mentions the founder of the Corporate Escape who helps cooperate executives switch to a lower-pressured life. The founder says “The first thing I say is to take the TV out of their home, read one newspaper a week. It’s the same news, repeated every day. Check email maximum, twice a day, and never when you’re right at work — you start reading 300 emails and your day is over.” Wayne struggled but realized in the end how much one relies on social media. The increase of social media is causing negative effects on its users but there are …show more content…

Procrastinators love social media because there are hundreds of application that are easy to access. Popular apps include; Pinterest, Words with Friends, Instagram, Candy Crush, Tumblr, and Spotify. It is easy to spend hours on these applications. Most cell phone, tablet, and computer owners keep alerts turned on. Alerts such as; Joe Bob sent you a friend request on Facebook, Suzie_252 liked your photo, and it is your move on Words with Friends, can be very distracting and lead to procrastination. Getting out of social situations is also a big help with social media. When one is out in public it is extremely easy to pull up Facebook or Instagram when situations get awkward. A shy person does not have to look people in the eyes or have face-to-face conversations. Another time that one would pull up social media would be when things are not interesting enough. Maybe going to a meeting, or a family dinner is not interesting so the impulse action is to take out ones cell phone. Moreover, social media has more repercussions than one might think. Those who seek attention through social media can be put in dangerous situations. One of the effects are that older men like to prey on younger girls. The men will act a lot younger and then they actually are and post risqué comments on pictures the girls share. On most social media there is the option to share one’s location with everybody. That can fall into the wrong hands if a predator

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