Social Media And Social Networking

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With technological advancements, social media has diversified the way news is distributed around the globe and how billions of people interact with each other. Close to 2.5 billion people will be part of social networking by year 2017.
LinkedIn, founded in 2002, is one of the first websites to make a substantial move in the networking market. Since 2002, LinkedIn has grown to over 300 million users and is still growing. It is a place for job applicants to search for job positions by adding their resumes for companies to see. LinkedIn is a social network that helps business find employees or employees find business. This site makes the job hunting and filling and easier process. There are other social networks out there for the general population that many people use every day but this site is for job seekers find a job they would like to work.
One of the most popular examples of social networking is Facebook, which started in 2004. Facebook is a general population website that allows people to socialize with others from the relaxation of their own home and even their phones. Facebook is also related to Myspace in similar ways, but with major upgrades, it allows people to communicate easier, share posts, and like content. Since 2004, it has grown to over 1 billion users worldwide. Facebook continues to be the largest social network platform in the world.
With the creation of smartphones, people now have access to news and friends wherever they are. This means a faster form

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