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Outline: 1. Social Media good or bad 2. It all started with AOL. a. Social media may very well be helping professionals network and new or existing businesses grow but are we willing to allow it to hinder the development of social skills and cause a new dangerous addiction? 3. Professional a) Pros: Job hunting, networking, latest and greatest in your field b) Cons: Companies with policies, distractions from work, not having a “filter” or restrictions 4. Personal a) Pros: Communication with family, meeting new and old friends, new ideas and activities b) Cons: Hacking and virus', permanent postings, addiction 5. Children a) Pros: Be computer literate, connection with family members, accepting of…show more content…
People will check their social media anywhere, from waiting for an appointment, while eating, and even on the toilet! If you Google “social media addiction facts” there are a lot of blogs and a few news reports about theories of people actually being addicted! Anything can become addictive if it has a significantly negative impact on a person's life. Professors Tamir and Mitchell at Harvard University did a study with MRI's and found that when people “self-disclose” there is a stimulation in the part of the brain linked to reward. Is this stimulation what people are “addicted” to and does it affect our ? Social media can help a child be more computer literate, and because technology is only going to become more prevalent in our lives it is important our future leaders and scientists are in the front seat. Children can communicate with relatives across the nation, even across the world. It can educate them on a persons culture which will only help them to be more accepting of diversity. Unfortunately it can come at the cost of face-to-face time with other children which can cause a lack of social skills and verbal communication skills. It also means less time outside playing games like tag and hide and go seek consequently increasing the obesity rate in children. Dr. Larry Rosen, a psychology professor at California State University, recently did a presentation for the

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