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How Social Medias and Modern Technology Have Affected Today’s World? Advertising Strategy How social Medias and modern technology have affected today’s world? I) The 90’s, a new communication way is born (1990-2001) a) Internet and the firsts social medias (1990-1997) b) The expansion of the market (1997-2001) jlb II) Web 2.0: a new influence for social medias (2002-2010) a) The booming market b) A new kind of addiction III) Social media: a revolutionary marketing tool a) Companies and politics b) Conclusion I) The 90’s, a new communication way is born (1990-2001) a) Internet and the firsts social medias (1990-1997) If we are speaking about social Medias we must deal with the enhancement of technologies. Effectively, social…show more content…
From this year the most important social networks were created. Firstly, MySpace was launched and attracted millions of users. In 2004 Facebook is created by Mark Zuckerberg which will generate a new generation of social media. All features are gathered to seduce the growing audience (340 Millions Facebook users in 2009). b) A new kind of addiction Social networks are targeting a young population able to communicate with each other and creating new communities. We can illustrate it with lot of example of companies like MySpace. Indeed this social network is defined as a community of music lovers sharing photos and music. This web site also enable fans to communicate with their favorite bands. MySpace became popular when famous bands or singers used the web site to update their own news (concert dates, new songs, new clip etc…). The creation of these kinds of networks has affected today’s word in many things. Firstly, this has never been as fast as today to find old friends. The contact is easier and you don’t have to talk with them to know what they are now. You only have to look at their profiles, photos and status. The number of information has also never been as big as today. In fact users inform people in publishing their relationship, their favorite games, what they are doing right now and more precisely their daily life. Usually, people are trying to publish the best profile with the best photos, and
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