Social Media Is A Form Of Political Activism

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Social media is a form of political activism that has received a significant amount of debate. Does it offer major value to political parties hoping to gain traction with key demographics? Or does it simply detract from the real message, creating a giant distraction that does not turn into actual voter turnout? Pew Research Institute and others have shown that social media popularity has actually led to improvements in voter turnout and that there is a positive correlation between a candidate’s Facebook likes and his or her actual voter numbers. This conclusively shows that social media has real political value, offering a candidate the opportunity to communicate a point to many new viewers who may have otherwise never heard the message. Today, many candidates are using social media to the exclusion of more expensive methods like TV campaigns, because they are able to gather significant support with the added expense. Social media has also provided many groups with the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings and to recruit new members. Regardless of what a group believes, it can create a social media account and work to share its message with others. This may seem like a fairly simple opportunity at first, but it offers a significant value to many marginalized communities, especially those with very little money. As social media is free, it does not discriminate against people who do not have money and can instead be adopted by basically anyone. This means that

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