Social Media On Project Management

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This chapter will carry out a literature review and hence will explore a variety of literature connected with Social Media in Project Management. All relevant information connected with this topic of social media in project management will be closely studied and extracted from various sources such as books, journals and websites. Throughout this literature review a wide number of topics will be looked at such as, the growth of social media, the rise of social media, how exactly these social media tools are being used in businesses and simply how this trend is simply a growing success. I will also establish what these tools are being used for in many organizations as well as
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The final section, “Overall Thoughts and Hypothesis” will look at the overall picture, make assumptions and therefore give any predictions or recommendations about the future of social media in project management.

List of Social Media Tools and its uses

Majority of people see Social Media as a marketing tool.(Harrin 2010) Many companies are all eagerly searching for customers and simply captivating their attention by participating in online conversations. Most companies and businesses tend to communicate with customers through social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. This hands on approach of communicating is also being adopted in the common workplace, especially by Project Managers and their dispersed teams. Social Media is not only simply used to communicate with customers but can effectively be used to manage teams in a workplace as well as any projects you are working on. There are many Social Media tools, which are widely available to Project Managers and each and every tool can be used to manage and deliver projects. Social Media tools, which can be used, are listed below.

1. Blogs
2. Collaboration Tools
3. Instant Messaging
4. Microblogs
5. Podcasts
6. Real Simple Syndication
7. Social Networks
8. Vodcasts
9. Webinars
10. Wiki

Throughout this chapter I will demonstrate how these tools listed above, can be used by Project Managers in a workplace. I
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