Social Media Vs American Culture

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Is our world shrinking because of technology? Right now, we are able to communicate easily and fast with anyone in the world even though he/she is in another continent. On the other hand, in the past, the people need to travel for months to meet or see someone in another continent. Therefore, the communication between different societies are rear, and there are a huge differences between beliefs, and cultures. However, today with globalization, people and societies share ideas, information, beliefs, etc. Actually, one of the main influence on us is social media, which has a strong aspect of changing our mind and help us to know each cultures. We can follow any person in anywhere and we can know more about him/her, and their cultures. Unfortunately, sometimes social media and mass media provide a fake stereotypes about a specific people of society that may cause misunderstanding or discrimination against these people.…show more content…
In my experience, I moved between two cultures: Saudi and American cultures. There are a huge differences between these cultures. When I moved to study abroad in the US, I have an image about American culture, but some of my ideas about American culture were wrong that because the mass media and Hollywood movies. I think we have to communicate with people directly to know them well to stop the wrong stereotypes and misunderstanding. In short, globalization and media help to share ideas among cultures but not all the idea in mass media and social media are correct, therefore, we should be caution from any information that we have it from
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