Social Psychology As A Whole

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This artwork took a lot of thought and I wanted to demonstrate more than just a topic, but rather Social Psychology as a whole. The piece has three aspects, there is a person to the left hand side at a closer look to represent a person as an individual, the mirror with the main person’s reflection on how the individual views themselves and how others would see the main person, then groups of people to the right of the image. This is broken down into groups that the main person associates with, the group that the main person does not associate with, and the person of romantic interest for the main person. The colors that are in every person’s ‘brain’ in the groups (including the main individual) is the person’s personality and individual self. All of these parts show different aspects of social psychology.
The first person on the left hand side represents an individual in their true form. In the female’s head there is a brain and the swirls of color represents her personality and shows her true self. Therefore, this does not show how she actually views herself. This is a representation of a person’s schema (or thinking structure) and their self-concept (the belief set of one’s attributes). The bright colors represent the good traits a person can have (ordinarily, the traits that are considered ‘good’ on a societal level). The darker colors represent the not so pleasant personality traits someone can have. The good traits someone can have would be altruism, compassion, and
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