Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice Essay

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Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

Agency and Organizations and Title of Advocacy Role

There were various different hospice organizations that were interviewed Good Neighbor and License Practicing Nurse (LPN), Pamela Larson informs the doctors of any concerns and watches the daily progress of the patients. While Pathways Hospice Michele Desnoes is the Care Provider Liaison and in this position, she will speak on behalf of the patient when the patient can no longer speak for them. Hospice Care of Boulder and Broomfield Counties Leann is a patient care advocate and she deals with the doctors and insurance companies and any medical or other issues that arise. Tony at Asera Care is a
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Gilda also witnessed her mother struggle with cancer, and watched the Hospice nurses and staff provide care and support to Gilda’s mother and family, and ultimately decided that she too wanted to assist people cope with grief and loss and the end of process. On the other hand, both Michele and Pamela started their careers in the medical field outside of Hospice and found their way to the Hospice program with time and experience. Pamela believed that there was a need for LPN is within the Hospice agency, and started her work as an LPN working with Hospice patients in their homes. Michele started as a nurse when she started working for Hospice and after a few years, she was promoted to a care provider liaison, working with and advocating on behalf of Hospice patients who reside in assisted living facilities.

When the interviewees were asked what they would change about their jobs, each person provided a different response. Pamela expressed a wish that she could spend more time with her patients. Gilda communicated a desire to find a cure for cancer to prevent cancer patients from dying of cancer. Michele said that she would like to see more funding for Hospice programs so that more people could be reached and helped. Leann’s response was that she would like to see a more affordable Hospice program, and she would like to have a larger location to work from. Tony however, expressed total contentment and