Social Work As A Practice And The History Of The Reformers That Helped Create The Very Career Itself Essay

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This paper will include a description of social work as a practice and the history of the reformers that helped create the very career itself. In this section, I will include topics such as the mission, goals, and purpose of a social worker and attributes of the profession. Next, I will discuss the definition and the elements of General Practice in the field. This section will include examples from the lifestyle paper written previously in the year. For this paper, I was required to visit a place of practice which I will discuss towards the end of paper and with this the interview I conducted with the social worker of that particular field. Lastly, the paper is summarized with my own opinion on working within the field of social work. “The field of social work involves working actively to change the social, cultural, psychological, and larger societal conditions that most individuals, families, groups, and communities face.” (O’Hare, 2009, as cited in Colby, I.C., Dziegielewski, S.F., 2016). Social work can almost be described as a people’s profession due to its devotion to the well-being and success of people from every background and nature.
Though social work can be described as many things, the mission of social work is within a set of core values. As stated by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Board of Delegates in 1996, there are six core values that social workers live by (, 2008). These values were revised by the Board in 2008.
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