Social Work Observation Report

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At a very young age myself, I have always been interested in working with children. I would and still continue to volunteer at my church on Saturdays for catechism classes that are provided for the kids and the fundraisers for the community every now and then. This type of volunteer work made me open up to working with kids academically in my same school district. I first started with a program that let me volunteer at three different schools once a week and for only an hour. Working with these kids for a couple of months made me realize that these kids needed me more than just an hour once a week. I then joined another program that let me pick my school of choice to volunteer four days a week for almost three hours.
With this amount of time
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From knowing that the Social Work Field of Practice of Children and Families was a big field to being informed of almost all the fields/programs I can work and build my career from (Berg-Weger). In this field of practice you can be able to work from things like “Child Protection Services, Family Preservation, Foster Care, to Group Homes, Residential Facilities, Adoption Services, Kinship Care Programs”, and etc. (Berg-Weger). From these fields and the programs that come with them they generally help with counseling the Children and the whole family to find better solutions, place abused children in better homes that are loving, help families find employment and housing if they’re homeless, help pregnant women, help adoptive parents and the children being adopted to navigate the adoption system, and most importantly help the children and families makes the best use of the Welfare System according to their needs (Gibelman). During my research and reading through the Social Work and Welfare book I realized that I want to be a School Social Worker in the field of Children and Families. These Social Workers help “conduct assessments, serve as liaisons between the school and the family, facilitate groups, participate in interprofessional teams to help develop individual educational plans for the student” (Berg-Weger). “One-on-one sessions, giving them family services, educational
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