Social Work Practice Guidelines Are Outlined By The Nasw

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Social Work practice guidelines are outlined by the NASW Code of Ethics, CSWE Educational Policy and Standards, and HIPPA. NASW Code of Ethics explain the missions values and core functions of how a social worker practices. It is a guide that is used to assist social workers through ethical dilemmas while emphasizing core values (National Association of Social Workers, n.d.). CSWE is a national association that maintains the standards of educational programs for social work degrees. This entity ensures education is supported by appropriate accreditation that focuses on curriculums to ensure full understanding of all required competencies and that the program is aligned with its goals and missions. (Council on Social Work Education, …show more content…

It is the Social workers duty to practice confidentiality while coordinating and advocating care for members. HIPPA rules protect health information and provide guidelines to distinctly identify who is authorized to disclose and receive information. Typical cases protected under HIPPA may involve authorized government entities, law enforcement, and mandating reporters. Disclosure of information is authorized between providers regarding member receiving care for the purpose of treating that member in an emergency situation. This disclosure information is limited to disclose what is pertinent to the actual treatment the member is receiving.
A significant job function and responsibility of the Social Worker employed at the Medicaid Integrated health plan is to ensure members have no gaps in services. The social workers that work with members dually diagnosed with a severely mental illness and substance abuse must practice caution while coordinating services. While maintaining compliance with HIPPA rules social workers must also comply with 42 CFR Part 2. This law protects the disclosure of information regarding members diagnosed with substance use (Health Information and the Law, n.d.).
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