Socialisation and Its Impact on Beach Volleyball Essay examples

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Throughout history, following feminist or other reflexive and tradition-breaking paradigms, the binary division of gender (man and woman) that exists has become clear.
The stereotypes concerning both genders are so deeply enshrined in our minds that we find it difficult to let go of conventional thinking; and easily impart these ideals into all facets of society, including sport. This stereotypical thinking is a catalyst for gender inequities not only in sport, but society as a whole. Our perception regarding the differences between sportsmen and women stems from hegemonic ideals of masculine dominance that date back to the ancient Olympics. Although equality between genders is gradually percolating the world of sport, agents of …show more content…

This does not just apply to the playing field, but also in the coaching and administrative arenas of sport. 9

There is a reciprocal relationship between sport and gender. In sport, “women experience a strong discrimination stemming from a pervasive gender ideology.” (Collins, M, 2003) Gender ideology legitimizes gender statuses and prevents resistance by normalizing the gender order. 12 Sport is uniquely positioned to reinforce the key elements of basic ideology that directly highlight the idyllic notion that women are inferior to men. Women have been “welcomed unconditionally as spectators and cheerleaders for men's games” (Lenskyj, 1986). In this capacity, women have been invited to subscribe to a highly traditional interpretation of sports and of gender roles. Women's participation in sports has been another matter. It has often been resisted, considered unfeminine, and been a basis of questioning the sexual orientation of those women who took sports too seriously. 12 Boslooper and Hayes’s (1973:45) comment with regard to gender norms in sport in the 1970’s is still applicable today: “society cut off the penis of the male who enters dance….and places it on the woman who participates in competitive athletics”. Through gender ideology, culturally specific behavior and appearance expectations are imposed on women (femininity) and men (masculinity). 14

These expectations can be labeled as gender imagery. Gender imagery is the

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