Society Has Always Influenced The Way People Act

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Society has always influenced the way people act. Everyone believes that they are in control on how they present themselves to the world, but in reality their views are skewed by cultural standards. A new set of standards have been recently placed challenging men on how to achieve masculinity. From body hair-removal to the use of schoolyard taunts, men are now encountering a set of norms that control how they present themselves. Articles— “Manscaping: The Tangle of Nature, Culture, and Male Body Hair” by Mathew Immergut and ““Dude You’re a Fag”: Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse” by C. J. Pascoe—introduce new ideas on who and what influences masculinity. Immergut argues that homosexuals mainstreamed manscaping making that a body …show more content…

If he gathers more references linking other shows or gay men influencing this type of culture onto straight men, then his argument would have been more valid. Pascoe provides a great idea of how the discourse of gay slurs is a powerful central mechanism that makes adolescents masculine, but the evidence she presents is weakened by her use of inadequate examples that lack the quantity of different social context. All of Pascoe’s references and testimonies come from teenagers that attend Riverside High in north-central California, which doesn’t allow room for different perspectives because all of the information comes from the same background that revolves around the same social norm. Pacoe’s examples sound very redundant, even though she interviews kids from different social groups and genders, stating that “both boys and girls I interview told me that “fag” was the worst epithet one guy could direct at another” (Pascoe, 2016, p. 577). Obviously the whole high school has its own set of social norms and at this one, it is acceptable to call another guy a fag because that is the slang they use; however, if Pascoe visits another high school in another area of the country with kids from a different background then her argument could be justified if they too presented the same data as Riverside High. In their ideas on who and what

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