Society 's Expectations And Rules For Men And Women

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Over the years, I have noticed that society’s expectations and rules for men and women are very different. I come from a Latin culture and gender roles that we believe in are instilled in us at a young age. The old traditional gender roles for the females and males roles and is instilled at a young age. For the male gender roles is always the same and feel that a male always have to support the female and the children. The male role thinks that it’s impossible for women to be educated and support herself and children. In my culture they believe that females need to do everything around the house for example cook, clean, take care of the kids, have children and not only depend on their husband but attend to them as well as serve them. In some ways I disagree and agree. I disagree because I think that now in days a female does not have to depend on their husband because a female should have the will to work and be educated. I do feel that a female can also work and be responsible of maintaining the home, take care of the family but also be able to help her husband. Although I grew up watching my mom stay home to take care of us and the house and my father working; my mother has always told me that I should not depend on a husband, because now in days everything has changed with divorce rate and as a single mother I have had to be the head of household and support my children. Women have many more opportunities today. I believe what my mother tells me is true because. The role
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