Society's Media has Altered the Court Experience

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Societies media as we know it has altered the reality of The United States law and its courts, causing the real world to become more of a blur. Media has given people somewhat of a basic aspect of the law and how it works, but little do people know what television shows such as Bones, CSI, Law and Order, Judge Judy, and etc., has inaccurate ruling of the laws and procedures. Giving a shrouded haze over our eyes in believing that the law system takes merely minutes to process. People need to understand that it is not all about the drama and the intensity of the scene, but knowledge and skills it takes for a proper court to function. Individuals need realize that our Law, which derives from our infamous constitution, is what protects and regulates not only our lives, but also everything that is justice around us. Within this paper I will be talking about three major points that I believe that are important to the readers mind. First, is to announce my views of the distortion that media has created for humanity to be less educated of the actual law and court system. Second, is to inform the readers of how law works in the real world and significant differences between the real law and what media has perceived law to look like. With readers both informed of the real and non-real sides of the law, I will lastly give a brief story of my own experience of going to court. The law is here to protect our rights and freedom, yet somehow media has create a great amount profit in
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