Socio-Cultural Culture Of Baiga Culture

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A STUDY ON SOCIO- CULTURAL ORGANIZATION OF BAIGA TRIBE OF SONBHADRA, UTTAR PRADESH ABSTRACT “Baiga tribe is called the son of nature, of being in the company of nature and their skin colour is often darker black”.In Baiga community family is used to be small. Relationship structures are quite strong. They follow strict marriage rules, such as incest is taboo, no marriage with outsiders is allowed, and monogamy is the general rule. The Baiga economy has its own uniqueness. They are usually engaged in agriculture work as medicine man in the village and collect herbs prepare medicines and do magic religious performances as sorcery. They also work as labourers. Usually there is spent on food and clothing. Women wear saree, saya and blouse. Men wear kurta and gamachha which going out of market. The boys wear ganji pant, shirt. The girls wear frock, part and salwar suit. The Baiga worship a plethora of drities. They worship nature. They also worship Jhandi baba, Sheetala Devi etc.They celebrate many festivals like Holi, Diwali, Janamastami, etc. Tattooing is an integral part of their life style. They belief that after their death the body will become ash but this tattoo will remain same. Karma dance is also important part of baiga life style. It is a dance from in which men and women dance on the tunes of instruments like, Themki, Chhalla , Payri and Jhumki. Keywords: Baiga, Socio-Cultural organisation, worship INTRODUCTION In sociology, a social organization is a pattern

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