Socio Economic Disadvantages

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There is a copious amount of individuals that suffer from the complications of the processes of employment and more specifically the barriers that are included. In order to help these individuals, barriers need to be explained and understood first. The processes of employment need better definition and recognition based on the people who have disadvantaged backgrounds, criminal records, and a lack of employability skills including job search illiteracy. The first of these barriers that are difficult to overcome are people with disadvantaged backgrounds, or suffer from some sort of socio-economic disadvantage. People from low-income families that have incomes under the threshold set by the U.S. Bureau of Census are described as people who suffer from having this disadvantage (LSU 1). The problem affects many, but it starts becoming a problem for younger adult students. According to Forsyth and Forlong, “Despite the recent expansion of higher education, levels of participation and chances of academic success are still lowest among young people from deprived neighbourhoods” (1). “Socio-economic disadvantage and experience in higher education, by Alasdair Forsyth and Andy Furlong” states that “Although there has been an increase in the numbers of university entrants from more disadvantaged backgrounds in recent years, such young people have been enjoying less success within higher education” (1). There are four main contributors that are the culprits: a lack of familiarity
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