Sociocultural Psychology In The Movie : Batman Returns

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Batman Returns is a movie based on the fight between the penguin and batman on taking over the city with interference by the cat woman. The penguin is messed up from his childhood of nobody wanting him or making fun of him because he looked like a penguin. So, he moved down in to an artic theme park to raise an army of clowns and penguins to eventually try and take over the city. Also, a new mayor election was being held so he plotted one of his clowns to steal the mayors kid and then save him to get in with the new mayor and act like the hero of the city. All along batman knew what his plan was but kept getting stopped by cat woman. She and batman were in love during the day and enemies at night without even knowing it. Then batman eventually stops the penguins from blowing up the city with missiles strapped to their backs and kills the penguin. The penguin displays so many types of psychological awareness, they are: unconscious awareness, sociocultural psychology, cognitive psychology, and sociocultural belief.
The penguin’s behavior starts bad from his young years as a child. There is a scene in the movie where the penguin decides to eat a cat and he isn’t punished for it which could lead him to think that harming people animals or anything at all is okay in the eyes of all humans. Also, something that really messed the penguin up and doomed him from the beginning is being dumped into a river because he didn’t look the same as the rest of the kids and he felt no one loved
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