Sociological Imagination

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President Barrack Obama did not abuse his executive powers in protecting undocumented immigrants. President Obama wanted illegal children to be protected, yet he stated that his decision would only provide temporary protection. He knew that he would have to reform immigration, and DACA would not be a pathway to receive citizenship. However, Obama knew his policy could be rejected after a new president would take office. Shortly After, the 45th President was not welcomed with the usual open arms of the American people, due to his generalizations. In 2016, during his presidential campaign, Trump called Mexicans “Rapist” and “Criminals.” It also seemed he had experienced tensions with other minorities such as Arabs. Even though the majority of undocumented immigrants has risen from Asia, Trump’s decision on DACA singles out a racial group for discrimination, particularly Mexicans. This can be proven through C. Wright Mills theory on sociological imagination. Sociologist study culture using sociological imagination, which is defined as awareness of the relationship between a person’s behavior and the wider culture that shaped the person’s choices and perceptions. Through sociological imagination it can be seen that the approval of DACA is not affected by just the opinion of the president, but the countering factors such as Biography, History, Social location, Personal troubles of Milieu, and Public issues of Social Structure. Biography may be based on a person’s
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