Sociological Perspective On Society And Society

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In sociology there are three main sociological perspectives, these perspectives offer sociologists theoretical paradigms for explains how society influences people and how people influence society. The three main perspectives are symbolic interactionist perspective, the functionalist perspective, and the conflict perspective. All three of these perspectives look at things differently with in society. I define myself as a structural functionalist. Structural functionalism is the theory that attempts to explain why society functions the way it does, it mostly focuses on social institutions and the relationship between them. Structural functionalist see education as serving serval functions for society. If children are…show more content…
Education provides a function called social placement which is used by people for upward social mobility. Graduate schools and colleges are viewed for moving students closer to successful careers that will give them financial freedom. Students often study business courses over a theatre class because they see business class a stronger vehicle for financial reasons. Functionalist see education as one of the most important social institutions in a society. Functionalists also see government differently than the other two perspectives. According to functionalism the government has four main purposes. These four main purposes are to plan and direct society, meet social needs, maintain law and order, and manager international relations. Functionalist view government and politics to enforce norms and regulate conflict throughout the nation and world. Functionalist also think highly of economy. They think that the one major function of the economy is to provide the goods and services the society needs. Since the economy provides the goods and services that any working society need, the economy is what makes it possible to be a society. Work makes an economy happen, without people working our economy
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