Sociological Reflection

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Sociology has guided me into having a better understanding and concept of the relationship between myself and society. Within time my knowledge in sociology has grown and I now perceive life differently with some of the things I have learned throughout the course. A lot of the sociological concepts that I have learned have impacted my way of thinking in a positive manner. Every new unit that we are taught is an eye opener for me because of how enlightened I have become from viewing myself and society by more of an open mind. Concepts that have been an eye opener to me since the previous section reflection include blah, the different types of social classes, and lastly culture appropriation. Each of these three topics is only a minor part…show more content…
I am very aware of all the different cultures that there are but what I was not aware of was how some races feel about how others identify their culture as. Culture appropriation has opened my eyes and made me aware of how others “adopt” elements from one’s culture and include it in their own personal life. This may come off very offensive to others when we see their culture being worn or acted on someone who is not of that culture. I recently have seen it most during the most recent holiday that just came up, Halloween. When others dress up and make their costume crafted from other’s culture. This concept has strengthened my understanding of culture appropriation by being more aware of how society acts upon culture appropriation and if I ever (for whatever the reason may be) tend to show this type of appropriation to know what I may be wearing, saying, or acting can be offensive to others which can make me just insensitive. Even if it is not clear at times it is always good to educate yourself on these matters to not let it happen in the future.
One of the last concepts in the past few units that has spoken out to come comes from chapter 9, “Constructing Gender and Sexuality”. I have always been an open minded person, I am not one to discriminate. I have always been open to learning new things and the idea of sexuality as whole. I never liked the idea of homophobia or discrimination at all. Learning the

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