Sociological Theories Have Huge Range And Goals

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Classical sociological theories have huge range and goals to deal with social phenomena. The roots of these classical theories belong to historical forces that developed during the early 1800s in Europe due to industrial revolution (Barbalet, J 2013). The chaos and social disorder was resulted through the series of such as French Revolution. Many important sociologists such as Emile Durkheim a famous functionalist played a key role in the development of sociology. Their ideas are still relevant to sociological theories today because they have a wide range of application to deal with important social issues. Emile Durkheim stated that social disorders produced by social changes can be reduced through necessary changes (Barbalet, J 2013). In …show more content…

The authors Baris, and Tosun (2011) said that Internet has reduced geographical distance and fast communication. For example, people communicate through digital forms of communication such as social network sites, instant messaging and text messages due to time shortage and distance in a capitalist society. The Internet is also a resource for information that allows users to upload, download and publish ideas to large audiences. Additionally, this availability and accessibility to information via the Internet has transformed the world into a global village and with little time consumption, major tasks can be performed through the Internet. This widely spread of the Internet around the globe has created job opportunities and expanded the work circle and revolutionized the way business is done, such as online shopping, Internet banking etc. The Internet has also introduced tremendous flexibility in the education sector. However, this boom in world-wide digital communication is widely accepted and helpful but it has created a sort of “disconnect” and negativity in real life relationships (Baris, and Tosun 2011). For example, people are spending less time with family and friends that caused decrease in social ties, this can be an example on Durkheim who said mainly unmarried males are susceptible to suicide, people with less personal relationships people become more likely to

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