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“In the world we now live, divisions into class are meaningless. We are all working people now.”(Margaret Thatcher in 1988) The discussion that if Britain is becoming a classless society last for a long time. Britain was a typical manufacturing country because of industrial revolution in 18 century. Then the class structure of Britain was changed due to the globalization and economic system which changed from industrial to service during 19th and 20th century. In this easy, we focus on the change of social class in Britain. It will begin with the theories (Marxism, Weber theory and functionalism) of social class .Following this, it will look at the changes of social class. Finally, it will discuss weather the class of Britain will be dead.…show more content…
In fact , before the 1970s,the process of de-industrialization had started. Andrew Gamble (1985:67) believes that UK industrial decline was caused by the invest in the new infrastructural technologies .Ken Roberts argue that “Over half of the manufacturing jobs that exist in the 1970s have gone ,and in some industries the workforce have really collapsed.”(Robert, 2001,p65)This situation show that productivity was improved by new technology so that the same quantity goods can be predicted by fewer workers. He points out the industrial output has stayed about the same in Britain despite a declining workforce.(35)For Robert , the development of consumer services in leisure industries accelerate the shift from manufactory to service . Changes in distribution of wealth.
Wealth is an important factor of class division and class inequality. If the wealth flew from rich to poor then it is proved the reduction in class inequalities. Information provided by Westergaard and Resler(1976)showed that there was a reduction of inequalities of wealth between 1991 and 1960.It suggests that the
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