Socratic Reflective Essay

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As I timidly shuffled across the noisy fourth grade classroom and into an empty seat, all motion and sound ceased as everyone stretched their necks for a quick glimpse of the new kid. The teacher, Mrs. Leach, surprised by my abrupt arrival, gestured for me to stand up and introduce myself to the class. By this point, my cheeks were already as red as a beet and standing up in front of 29 strangers only made me feel naked as a newborn. I tried to speak in complete sentences, but only managed to squeeze out a mere “Hi”: my English wasn’t exactly “good” back then. “There goes your first impression to the class,” I thought to myself as I slumped back into my chair, but my brain was already plagued with other worries: What can I do to draw less attention …show more content…

The curriculum was harder and the Socratic seminars we held were even more challenging. Through a process of listening and speaking, Socratic seminars aimed to encourage discussions filled with distinctive interpretations and unique theories about recent books we have read. What was intended to be an innovative method of learning was rather a direct exploit of my greatest weakness: talking in front of people. I mean I used to break out in a cold sweat when the teacher picked on me to answer questions and my Chinese accent will automatically reappear as soon as I speak in front of the class. However, the seminars were absolutely beneficial to me. It offered a place to discuss without any restrictions; it offered a place to listen and take on the opinions of others; and it offered a place where my opinions were finally appreciated! No longer did I feel as if I was left out of conversations and these seemingly small discussions acted as springboards for me to start expanding my social circle. I simply wasn’t afraid of socializing

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