Software Applications, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Business Intelligence

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In the current business world, enterprises have developed strategies and technologies which are useful for data analysis of the associated business information. This information obtained is essential in making prudent business decisions. This developed strategies and technologies used for data analysis are known as business intelligence which is abbreviated as BI. Business Intelligence is associated with businesses issues which go around its history, current situation and a future analysis of the trend of business operation. In business intelligence technologies which are key to business survival include; reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, process mining, benchmarking, predictive analysis among others. This essay discusses issues associated with business intelligence, showing an historical background, its software applications, advantages and disadvantages of business intelligence as well as describing the competition that is witnessed between Google and IBM.
Historical background of business intelligence Business Intelligence is a term which formally originated back in 1865 from Richard Millar Deven whereby he used the term to describe how a banker Sir Henry Furnese obtained profit from receiving information and various data prior to his competitors (Pekka Neittaanmaki, 2016). Business Intelligence is said to have evolved from decision support systems (DSS) that began back in 1960s.DSS is said to came about through computer aided plans which mainly

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