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Software Engineering MN 507 ATA (Australian Travel Agency) Software Management System Melbourne Institute of Technology Tutor: Dr Beulah Moses SUBMITTED BY: ANAS IJAZ (MIT121024) SYED TAQIUDDIN (MIT120262) SHOAIB AHMED KHAN (MIT 122342) Contents 1. Purpose 3 1.1 Introduction: 3 2. Scope 3 3. System Overview 4 3.1 Product Features 4 4. Diagrams 5 4.1 Use Cases 5 4.1.1 Use case (Actor: Travel agent) 5 4.1.2 Use case (Resort) 6 4.1.3 Use Case (Student) 6 4.2 Use Case Scenario 7 4.3 State Chart Diagram 8 4.4 Entity Relation Diagram 9 4.5 Class Diagram 9 4.6 Collaborative Diagram 10 4.7 Sequence Diagram 11 5. Requirements 11 5.1 Functional Requirements 11 5.1.1 User registration 12 5.1.2 User login 12 5.1.3 Book flight and Hotel 12 5.2…show more content…
Meals 8. Payment 4.3 State Chart Diagram 4.4 Entity Relation Diagram 4.5 Class Diagram 4.6 Collaborative Diagram 4.7 Sequence Diagram 5. Requirements 5.1 Functional Requirements Based on the analysis of the system functions, the basic functional requirements are to: The functional requirement of the system is divided among the customer and the administrator of the application (travel Agent) and the These requirement are explained as follows 5.1.1 User registration In this scenario the student gets registered with the application by providing with all their necessary details in order to booking and making reservation of flight and hotel. 5.1.2 User login In this case it describes to the user logs in the application by proving the user name and password. 5.1.3 Book flight and Hotel After login in the Student looks up to the information related to the airline and check according the availability of flight seats and class which suits for them a best trip. If customer finds the appropriate package he then purchases it. Payment should be conformed and provide customer with the transparency of the complete flight details. 5.2 Non-functional requirements In contrast to rather small number of functional requirements, there is a whole range of non-functional requirements, which can be summarized as follows 5.2.1 Performance The ATA system should be able to attain its performance by responding the queries which submitted by the students. The queries should not

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