Solar Cell And Its Industry

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Solar Cell and Its Industry The conversion of the sunlight directly into electricity by using the electronic properties of various suitable materials appears to be an attractive energy conversion process and more or less an ideal alternative to available conventional energy sources. The solar cell technology has developed enormously over the last four decades, initially for being used to provide electrical power for spacecrafts and also more recently for various terrestrial applications. The main reason for this technological development lies in the realization that traditional fossil energy resources like coal, oil and gas are not just rapidly depleting, but they also contribute to unpredictable and probably irreversible climate changes in the approaching future through the extreme high emission levels of greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2, CO, SO2 and P2O5) and also due to acidification. The photo voltaic source of energy that is solar irradiation, has the major advantage of being widely distributed over the world. The solar irradiation falling on the earth’s surface is not a limiting factor and also supersedes our needs by far. Photovoltaic industry has leapfrogged the barriers over the last three decades from merely being a conceptual industry to a full-fledged commercial industry. Recent major investments and the on hand manufacturing facilities are only mainly for silicon based technologies, with more than 93% market share, mainly due to its maturity, growth and huge
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